The future of encryption is our present…

Initially, there are those who want to stand out from the crowd and others who simply seek comfort. Yes, it is true that the first decision is not easy as it leads to a high level of stress, however the results are the best! And also the benefits. On the other hand, we find tranquility, although we do not stop working but we do improve, and this is what most people, although they do not look for, are what they currently apply. With this we refer to the multiple copies that we see every day of applications, that do not fulfill their proper function or lack functionality, in addition to not seeking a benefit for their users, they have no sense of existence and are the ones that mostly have an objective. malicious (infect devices); They are why we should take care of ourselves.

Now, ADVM Security Software is a company that develops programs and / or security systems for companies and common users. They provide products outside the everyday and help solve problems for their customers. Currently, its flagship product is the cryptography and steganography system “Cyphertop”, software that breaks all the paradigms of the current encryption and can be said to be a tool of the future set in the present. For the company there are no limits, they define that “there is a supremely thin line that divides professionals and that is that of fear. Afraid to say yes, and to continue innovating … “Thanks to this, they have managed to create the best security system in the world, structured in 4 dimensions that makes it invulnerable to any attack they provide. This software has different versions, one for common users and another for companies, similarly it works for mobile and desktop devices in any of its versions.

The company imposes in its statutes that its levels of design and development are elite and they plan to stay to continue innovating, they want to protect as many users and companies as possible with their high-end products of any cyber attack. Every day are adding numerous attacks, increasingly serious, and most think that the most affected platforms are cryptocurrencies, because no, there are also attacks on traditional platforms such as financial entities (banks), investment companies and many more. That is why ADVM is planted in today’s world as the private organization of futuristic software development that will help in the protection and sending of data or files to any company or user that needs it. In conclusion, the company created a tool superior to the previous complex, but very adaptable to handle, it is there where we can have the future in our hands and thus have an armor for our data and private files.