Are you sure of your safety?

Every day that passes companies around the world struggle to position themselves at the top of the market, this in order to be the best in providing services or products to their customers and get high income each year. However, it sounds very positive since it is generally good, but do managers know the risks this entails? When a company begins to emerge and position itself among the top of the market, this leads them to be the target of different Hackers or Cyber Pirates with the desire to destroy the platform (of companies) and steal all the digital assets they have. One should not be the genius to intuit in what one should invest in a system that guarantees the protection of the archives, but it is something that must be done yes or yes. Something very curious and is that different organizations continue to invest in the same system that is being violated day after day, because they do not allow the opportunity to know something innovative. In other words, private entities are not the only objectives, there are also public ones that have been attacked very recently by platforms from different countries, even worse presidential elections have been lost due to such malicious practices.

Now, remember how Hillary Clinton lost such important elections, for the simple fact of not properly protecting their secret files, a clear example for all those who think “That to us (our organization) will not happen to us”. In December of last year, it was predicted that 2018 will be the year with the biggest attacks on computer platforms, that no one will be saved, because that we began to see at the beginning of the year with the millionaire robbery of cryptocurrency in Japan. In addition, it is perceived that the target market this year are financial entities (cryptocurrencies are also included), but even then no company is outside the radius of danger. For this, it is advisable to keep high-value encrypted files, with a tool that truly is a barrier of protection for them, as well as having the privilege of sending these files safely to another user without being stolen in the middle of transmission. Also, have the advantage of hiding files by means of other files, in a few words Cyphertop.

A system difficult to understand, but very easy to handle and that is one of the advantages it possesses and makes it invulnerable before the minds of criminals. It has unique functions and this is due to the team of developers that has the company that created the system, ADVM Security Software, who carried out large studies to determine the great problems that companies face today with the security of their data. To conclude, cyphertop is the tool of high caliber that any company can have, capable of protecting its most precious data in the face of global aggressions.