The future in your hands

The world is involved in a constant monotony of creations, every time a new technology comes it comes from a previous product but “improved”. This causes us to fall into repetitive and non-improvement processes. By this we mean that we must stop thinking about the now, and prepare ourselves for the future. A tool that helps protect our digital assets, but is ready for any future or innovative attack; it must be a product that breaks paradigms and goes beyond what our eyes can see and our minds can think.

How about we forget an algorithm? and create something better! In recent years there has been talk of quantum technology in computing as processors, memories, computers, among others. Something that is not likely to be violated or logical, maybe something illogical that is done for that (not to be deciphered). A futuristic tool, what about … a Universal Algorithm Generator? Yes, as I have described it before. It is a system that is above everything we know so far, it goes beyond and indeed exists! It will be the protection for all those companies that wish to keep their data confidential. His name is CYPHERTOP and it is the most advanced cryptography and steganography software that has been developed so far. It breaks all those paradigms that lead to the current encryption algorithms to be automorphic. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it is a Universal Algorithm Generator (G.E.N.I.A.L) that makes it indestructible in the face of any computer attack, thus challenging quantum computing! Its structure is made in four dimensions being the most powerful cryptographic universe in the world! In short, it is the cryptographic armor of tomorrow for the protection of highly confidential files.

Yes, it is software that seems to have been designed in the future, and has brought it to the present. It’s amazing what can be done, and has a function called steganography inserted, which could take me a long time to talk about alone. This allows us to have the future in our hands, as it is designed to be compatible with any mobile device or desktop.