You are in danger and you do not know it!

Today, there is a theme that covers all human beings connected through the largest network in the world, the internet. A series of events that were affecting many on a large scale last year (2017). The affected ones suffered millionaire losses of money in the recovery, as in the damage caused. And this is because of the numerous cyber attacks, cyber theft, phishing, fraud, among others … That managed to enter different public and private computer systems of “high security” which were hacked by hackers or cyber pirates who day after day , commit themselves to improve their malign techniques to break any system they wish.

It should be taken into account that the year 2017 was the year in which the figures of these actions increased and not only that, it must also be added that many of these hackers or cyber pirates perform their actions, some by hobbies others by profession, it is that is why every day there are sophisticated forms of attacks, to the point of becoming personalized. To emphasize one of the viruses that most disturbed the world community was the famous “Ransomware”, which not only attacked computer devices, but also managed to reach every device that was connected to the network (we talk about televisions, equipment of audio, to houses ..). In addition, there were also numerous thefts of digital assets and extortion for information theft. To all this, many of the specialists in computer security recommend using the most modern tools to counteract any attack such as updated antivirus, file encryption, information backup, among others. But the most important asset that has been for a long time is information and even more so that of a company; for this there is a system called encryption, which helps to protect all that confidential information, so that only authorized personnel can see it, over the years different encryption methods have been created, which at the time have been the most efficient, but which as time evolves, they become vulnerable and obsolete.

We must not lie … these figures in 2018 will continue to increase and the attacks will be increasingly robust than the previous ones, the uncertainty envelops many entrepreneurs because of the information data that each of their companies safeguards. The ciphers have been used since ancient civilizations, one of the best known was “The encryption of Cesar.” To date, the modern systems that currently protect our information are AES, Rinjdael and / or end-to-end encryption. But many wonder how does it work? They are standard algorithms used by many technology companies such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and many more to protect the personal data of their users and the conversations between them. The main focus of the AES, when you want to send highly secret information from one user to another, this creates a key by replacing blocks that only know them (the two users) and the message is encrypted automatically, but it should be noted that This system has been used since the late twentieth century and early twenty-first, this means that it has been on the market for a long time and has been violated several times, to such an extent that we will not be surprised by a new attack. Finally, we must be aware of the danger to which we are all exposed with the information we have on our mobile or desktop devices and not only that, but also the public networks in which we connect and expose this information. But, if the AES is a very vulnerable system, what system could be used to protect our files?